From Monday 21st September, we will only offer grab bags (sandwich, drink and snack) during school lunch. Despite our best efforts to offer a hot meal at lunchtime, we are unable to do so whilst ensuring social distancing measures between year groups are maintained. Year 7, 9, and 10 students should return to school on Tuesday 22nd September. Students from Progress Group 8E should return on 23rd September.
Success and results

We are very proud of our students at Blackburn Central High School. They are smart, successful, polite, well behaved and keen to learn.

Blackburn Central High School 2019 GCSE Results

  • Progress 8 score of 0.172

  • Attainment 8 score of 4.13

  • 52.1% achieved GCSEs grades 9-4 (A* to C) including English and Maths

  • 27.5% achieved GCSEs grades 9-5 including English and Maths

  • 53.3% entered English Baccalaureate

  • 27.5% achieved English Baccalaureate

  • 17.4% achieved ‘strong’ English Baccalaureate (English & Maths grade 5+)

  • 99% of Year 11 leavers moved to education, employment and training

  • 98% of Year 11 leavers continued in education, apprenticeships or traineeships 

The English Baccalaureate was introduced by the Government to recognise achievement in a range of academic and challenging subjects. It is awarded to students who achieve 9-5 in each of English, Maths, two Sciences, a Modern Foreign Language and History or Geography. Nationally less than a quarter of students achieve the English Baccalaureate.

Progress 8 aims to capture the progress a student makes from the end of primary education to the end of secondary education. It is based on their performance across 8 qualifications.

A positive Progress 8 score means that we are adding more than expected value to the performance of our students. A more in-depth explanation of Progress 8 is available here.

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