Art & Design


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Art provides many creative, exciting and stimulating opportunities for students which will help them form a real appreciation of art in their everyday lives.

Students will learn a variety of techniques and methods through experimentation and refinement of materials. Students will research and form opinions on both traditional as well as contemporary artists, from a wide range of cultures.

Art helps students to be able to express themselves and think creatively. It also challenges students to consider complex issues, thoughts and feelings.

About the Art Curriculum at BCHS


What do students study in Art and Design?

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview

Topics Studied

Autumn: Baseline Test. Portraiture.

Spring: Portraiture.

Summer: Research on Gustav Klimt. Backgrounds in the style of Gustav Klimt.

Mrs Sange's class

Autumn: Baseline Test. Elements of Art.

Spring: Researching Klimt and Van Gogh. Landscapes.

Summer: L.S. Lowry.


Autumn: Still life drawing.

Spring: Cubism. Lettering.

Summer: Lettering including graffiti.

Mrs Sange's class

Autumn: Still life drawing. Cubism.

Spring: Aboriginal art.

Summer: Observational drawing. Henry Moore.



Autumn & Spring: Issues project.

Summer: In the news.


Autumn & Spring: Unit 1.

Summer: Unit 4.

Mrs Sange's class

Autumn: Grafitti – issues and Banksy.

Spring: Portraiture.

Summer: Shoe project.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview

Topics Studied


Autumn & Spring: Distortion.

Summer: Distortion. Journeys.


Autumn & Spring: Unit 4.

Summer: Unit 3.

Mrs Sange's class

Autumn: BTEC Pop Art.

Spring: BTEC Pop Art. BTEC 3D Sculptures.

Summer: BTEC 3D Sculptures. 



Autumn: Journeys.

Spring: Exam preparation.

Summer: Exam. Look back and review all units.


Autumn: Unit 3.

Spring: Exam preparation.

Summer: Exam. Look back and review all projects.

Mrs Sange's class

Autumn: BTEC 2D British Art.

Spring: BTEC 2D British Art. BTEC External Unit.

Summer: BTEC External Unit. 

Exam Specifications

Jul 07
Jul 07
Art and music show.... Starting at 3pm BCHS!
Jul 06
Year 9 homework! Excellent ☺️
Jul 02
Year 8 B band progress- looking good
Jun 30
One of my lovely Year 9 student's 2 lessons