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Our students experience a modern, world-class curriculum that will inspire, challenge and prepare them for their future as adults in the 21st Century.

BCHS operates a 5-year curriculum plan. The curriculum and the effective implementation of that curriculum is at the heart of Blackburn Central High School. 

Students at Blackburn Central High School acquire the skills, knowledge, understanding, values and attitudes necessary to achieve and develop into successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens who will make a positive contribution to society.

All students are offered a broad and balanced yet challenging curriculum appropriate to their abilities and needs. Every student has the opportunity to take part in learning outside the confines of the classroom, e.g. field work, residential visits, vocational visits, and external speakers.

Personal development is embedded within the curriculum delivery, enrichment activities, progress time & bespoke assemblies.

In addition, all students study personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education and Relationships and Sex education (RSE) as part of their Personal Development programme. 9 2-hour sessions though out the year are dedicated to this these aspects of Personal Development, 6 PSHE and 3 RSE.

During Year 7 and 8 students also take part in the Heart Curriculum, where key ideas and skills are incorporated into relevant lessons. This is continued in years 9 & 10 though the progress time curriculum.

All students, whatever their ability, need or starting point are provided with a broad and balanced curriculum, rich in knowledge and experience. Students are supported to achieve their full potential and beyond through the provision of a cohesive but diverse curriculum.

The curriculum will be delivered mainly through the school timetable and a programme of activities out of normal school hours. Students are encouraged to engage actively in both. The timetable model is currently a 25 period programme of 60 minute lessons which operates for the 39 weeks of the school year. It fully meets the statutory requirements of National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. The school operates a three year Key stage three and a two year key stage 4 in order to broaden the choice and breadth of experience for all learners.

More information on the content of the curriculum students at Blackburn Central High School follow in each academic year and for every subject is available on each subject's page.

For more information about the curriculum our students follow, please contact Mrs Young on info@bchs.co.uk

Curriculum Offer to our Students

EnrichmentThe HiveReading and Oracy (Reader Recovery)Personal DevelopmentCareers Whole School CurriculumCurriculum Intervention Catch Up / Recovery Curriculum / NTP

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