Some students are on a rota system, they will be learning from home on the following days - Year 7 - Monday and Friday. Year 8 - Thursday. Year 9 - Wednesday. Year 10 - Tuesday. Year 11 remain in school due to GCSE exams.

Latest News

Year 10 to stay at home on Tuesday 1st December
Due to coronavirus-related staff absence we are struggling to keep all classes adequately staffed. Year 10 will stay home and access remote learning on Tuesdays.  more 
Creative Writing Competition
One morning, in October, I opened my emails and clicked on one from Revolution Films. The subject of the email was ‘Creative Writing Competition’.  more 
Year 7 to access remote learning Monday 30th November
Due to some Year 11 students sitting examinations this week they will be in school this Monday 30th November. Unfortunately due to staff absence Year 7 will need to access remote learning from home on Monday 30  more 
School Newsletter - December 2020
Keep up to date with events in the Blackburn Central High School community.  more 
Chromebook Update
This coming Monday, 30th November, I will be hosting a virtual meeting to inform you of our BCHS digital strategy, our vision as a school for the future and indeed give you the information in regards to our Chr  more 
Examination Timetables Updated
We've updated our examinations page with timetables for our mock exams and the BTEC exams we will be running in January and February.  more 
Christmas Break Information
During the lead up to the Christmas break we have a few events taking place in school, and we'd also like to share some important information about staying safe during the break.  more 
Blackburn Central Students Organise Food Bank
Our Year 11 lead student team are being very proactive in organising a Blackburn Central High School Foodbank for the Christmas break...  more 
Year 10 in school as normal from Tuesday 24th November
We have been able to suspend our contingency plan for Year 10 and 11 students. All Year 10 students are expected in school as normal on Tuesday 24th November 2020.  more 
100% Attendance Prizes
A reminder to students that there are lots of prizes available for 100% attendance.  more 
Sufiya Ahmed Author Workshop
This Monday our Year 7 students were delighted to virtually welcome celebrated author Sufiya Ahmed to their classrooms.  more 
Year 11 in school as normal on Monday 23rd November
We have been able to suspend our contingency plan for Year 11 students. All Year 11 students are expected in school as normal on Monday 23rd November 2020.  more