We've posted a letter to our parent/student dashboard about the proposed increase in student numbers in school

Behaviour Expectations

We pride ourselves in creating a stimulating, inspiring and professional learning environment for our students and all staff role model excellence at all times.

All students follow the basic behaviour expectations of:

  • Begin with
  • Consideration
  • Honesty
  • Standards


  • Shoes
  • Ties
  • Attire for outside
  • No phones
  • Attitude
  • Respect
  • Determined to succeed
  • Standards


  • Correct uniform is worn at all times.
  • Uniform is checked each morning by Progress Tutor.
  • Violations are recorded in the progress file.


  • Minimum Expectation: pen, pencil, ruler, and bag for books.
  • Equipment is checked each morning by the Progress Tutor.
  • Violations are recorded in the progress file.
  • If a student consistently fails the Uniform and Equipment checks Progress Tutor will phone home to discuss. 


  • Our school day starts at 8:30am.
  • Any student arriving after 8:33am will be marked as late.
  • 20 minute detention is issued for the same day.

Behaviour Chart

  • Reminder - warning.
  • Caution - 5 to 10 minute detention.
  • (1) Time Out - 20 minute detention.
  • (0) Last Chance - 30 minutes in Buddy Room.