Languages: Spanish & Urdu

People with language skills and knowledge stand out as talented and successful with broad and exciting horizons.

Studying Spanish or Urdu will give an extra dimension to our students. A language will put them in a strong position to get a job in a company with international links, to work abroad or to gain entry to university.

About the MFL Curriculum at BCHS


What do students study in Spanish or Urdu?

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview

Topics Studied

Autumn: Mi Vida/میری زندگی (My life). Mi Tiempo Libre/میرا فارغ وقت (My free time).

Spring: Mi Insti/میرا سکول (My school). Mi Familia y Mis Amigos/میرا خاندان اور دوست (My family and friends).

Summer: Mi Ciudad/میرا ٹائون/ قصبہ/شہر (My town). Revision. End of year exam. Cultural awareness projects - Spanish: Christmas and Easter in Spain. Urdu - Eid ul Fitr, adha, Milad un Nabi, Urs, Basant Mela.


Autumn: Mis Vacaciones/میری چھٹیاں (My holidays). Todo Sobre mi Vida/میری زندگی کے بارے میں (All about my life).

Spring: ¡A Comer!/کھانے (Food). ¿Qué Hacemos?/فارغ وقت (Free time)

Summer: Operación verano (Summer camps). Revision. End of year exam. Cultural awareness projects - Spanish: Halloween, Spanish food, bullfighting. Urdu: Baisakhi, Diwali, Holi and Christmas.


Autumn: Me, my family and friends. Where I live.

Spring: Free time. Spanish: Holidays. Urdu: School and future plans.

Summer: Customs and festivals. Revision. End of year exam.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview

Topics Studied

Autumn: Technology.

Spring: Social issues.

Summer: School. Revision. End of year exams.


Autumn: School and future plans. Urdu: Holidays.

Spring: School and future plans. Global Issues.

Summer: Exam preparation.