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Homework is an essential part of a good education. The Educational Endowment Fund research into homework shows how the regular setting of meaningful homework tasks can result in additional progress for secondary students (+5 months).

At Blackburn Central High School we believe that homework should be meaningful and set for a purpose. It should not be used regularly for ‘finishing off’ classwork. Homework gives students the opportunity to consolidate and practise the knowledge and skills they have been taught in class, whilst allowing them to develop as independent learners. It enhances learning, improves attainment, develops organisational skills and time management.


Homework at BCHS will:

  • provide opportunities to support and reinforce learning.
  • allow for practice and consolidation of work done in class.
  • help prepare for future assessment.
  • provide training for students in planning and time management.
  • encourage students to take some responsibility for their learning.
  • develop good study habits and routines.
  • promote self discipline.


Homework will be manageable for students in terms of time and resources. The majority of homework will be set on Google Classroom. Homework tasks might include the following:

  • Writing assignments - short or long answer questions or pieces of writing.
  • Project based learning
  • Learning key vocabulary
  • Research tasks
  • Preparation for their next lesson i.e. read some information, practice a skill.
  • Reading
  • Revision activities
  • Use of a specific website i.e. Hegarty Maths or GCSE Pod
  • These are suggestions only and homework can take many forms.


A homework club is available in the Library Monday to Thursday 14:50 - 15:50. Here students will have access to IT to complete homework and support from a member of staff if they are having difficulty completing their homework.

All homework is set on Google Classroom, parents can receive notifications about work set on Google Classroom by providing their email address to become a guardian.

If homework needs to be set on paper this can be arranged individually with the classroom teacher.


Blackburn Central High School does not have a fixed homework timetable with time allocated for different subjects on different evenings. Students will need to learn to manage their time so that they do some homework each evening. Each department will set meaningful homework on Google Classroom when it is appropriate for that subject. Homework will be set according to the amount of curriculum time a subject has. This means that students should expect more homework from English, Science and Maths as they have far more lessons in these subjects. We believe that homework for homework’s sake is ineffective, and that the quality of the homework set is much more important than the quantity. The wellbeing of our students is of the utmost importance to us, and we believe a healthy school-life balance is an important part of this.


The class teacher will:

  • Set homework when appropriate in their subject.
  • Provide full instructions on Google Classroom and post the resources needed.
  • Set a deadline for the completion of the work.
  • Provide help and support.


  • Listen to instructions about homework in class.
  • Log onto Google Classroom regularly to check what homework has been set.
  • Ensure homework is completed and handed in to meet the deadline.
  • Attempt all work to the best of their ability.
  • Ask for support if they have difficulties (this can be asking the teacher or attending the homework club).


  • Provide a peaceful pace in which their child can do their homework, or encourage them to attend the homework club after school Monday to Thursday from 14:50 - 15:50.
  • Make it clear to their child that they value homework.
  • Encourage their child and praise them when they have completed homework. Check what homework has been set on Google Classroom.