Some students are on a rota system, they will be learning from home on the following days - Wednesday: Year 9. Thursday: Year 8. Friday: Year 7. Year 10 & 11 must attend school as normal unless told to isolate.

Attendance & Punctuality

We monitor students’ attendance and punctuality, as students with high attendance make better progress academically and socially.

Parents play a vital role in encouraging positive attitudes and we ask for their support to ensure their children arrive on time and don’t miss school unless absolutely necessary.

Research shows a link between the amount of time a student takes off school and how well they do in their exams, so we set a minimum student attendance of 95%.

Absence Calls Home

We take safeguarding very seriously and our Attendance Officer will phone carers if a student is absent, and parents have not informed us.

Calls are made daily, even when a student has been reported ill previously. We cannot assume a student is ill unless notified by parents, as this could put them at risk. We also follow up unexplained absence via text, telephone, letter, and home visit.

Parents should ensure their child realises the importance of attending school on time and getting their present mark. Parents and carers should provide school with up to date contact numbers.

Persistent Absence 

Persistent absence is when a student falls below 90% attendance. If we have concerns about a student’s attendance, we will arrange a meeting with parents/carers to discuss how we can support them to improve their attendance.

Penalty Notice Warnings may be issued where a student's attendance exceeds 5 days (10 sessions) of unauthorised absence.


We expect all students to arrive by 8:30am for registration. School is open from 7:45am and our breakfast club is free to all students.

Students who arrive in school after 8:33am will receive a detention at the end of the school day, unless they have an acceptable reason for being late. After 8:40am students must enter school via the main reception.

Any student arriving after 9:15am without an acceptable reason will be marked as unauthorised late; this counts as an absence for the morning session.

What if my child is ill?

If your child is too ill to attend school you must phone 01254 505700 and press 1 to report an absence, preferably before 8:00am. You must contact us each day that your child is absent.

Please give your child’s name, Progress Group and the reason for their absence.

What if my child has an appointment?

Please let us know in advance, by sending in the appointment card or letter with your child to their Pastoral Manager. If this is not possible then leave a message on our absence line (option 1). We will require sight of an appointment card or letter in order to authorise the absence.

We ask that you make every effort to arrange appointments outside of school hours. Medical appointments are still absences and will affect your child’s attendance. We appreciate that on occasion this will be unavoidable.

Can I take holidays in term time?

Schools may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Any parent who wants to take their child out of school during term time must complete a discretionary leave of absence application, and give at least 15 days notice.

Requests for absence for reasons such as compassionate leave, special family events, sporting or musical competitions, etc., should be made in the same way.

Applications are looked at on an individual basis, however it is highly unusual that s leave of absence during term time will be granted. Any unauthorised absence of 5 school days or more may result in a penalty notice being issued by the Local Authority.

Is work available for students?

Please contact your child’s Pastoral Manager for work to do during their absence.

Attendance Awards

Excellent attendance is celebrated every term with award assemblies and rewards. All students with 100% attendance are entered into a prize draw, where they can win a £50 voucher. For every term of 100% attendance students also receive an entry into an end of year prize draw for an iPad.