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Religious Studies

Explore the impact of religion on individuals, families and communities. Students are given numerous opportunities to consider their own and others views on questions of morality, ethics and faith.

Religious Studies offers opportunities for discussion, debate and personal reflection; as well as giving students the chance to understand, reflect on and respect the complex world around them. Students develop tolerance through awareness, understanding and appreciation of our diverse, multicultural community.

About the RE Curriculum at BCHS


What do students study in Religious Studies?

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview

Topics Studied

Autumn: Religion and me - beliefs; ultimate questions; religion in Blackburn. Christianity - denominations; Holy Trinity; Jesus; Christmas.

Spring: Christianity - miracles; inspirational Christians. Happiness - religion and happiness; positive psychology; Buddhism. 

Summer: Sikhi - gurus; 5 K's; Gurdwara. Festivals - Purim; Holi; Hanukkah. Hinduism - Gods; worship/karma; marriage; stories.  


Autumn: Islam - foundations; in the media; women in Islam; stories in Islam.

Spring: Charity. Judaism - letter to Abraham; synagogue; the Torah; kosher food; Sabbath; Bat Mitzvah.

Summer: Alternative world religions - Scientology; Humanism; Paganism. Climate Justice - Religious Responses to the Environment.  Human/Animal Rights - violations; Malala; LGBTQ+; cloning. 


Autumn: Philosophy; development of philosophical thought and case study, Metaphysics and Value Theory

Spring: Ethics; Ethical decision making, theoretical issues and real life case studies. Philosophy, Ethics and Religion in the media, topics case studies into different forms of media

Summer: Good and Evil; concept of morality and religious input to the problem of evil, Humanist approach. Spirited Arts competition entry work, class time directed towards artform and spiritual expression

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview

Topics Studied

Autumn:  Islam beliefs - nature of Allah; prophethood; angels; afterlife; foundations.  Theme 3: Good and Evil - crime and punishment; Christianity; Islam; forgiveness. Good, evil and suffering. 

Spring: Christianity - beliefs; nature of God; creation; Jesus Christ; salvation; the afterlife; 

Summer: Theme 4: Human Rights - HR and social justice; prejudice and discrimination; issues of wealth and poverty.  Revision.


Autumn: Islam practices - five pillars; obligatory acts; Jihad; festivals. Theme 2: Life and Death - the world; origins and value of human life; death and the afterlife.

Spring: Christian practices and forms of worship; sacraments; pilgrimage and celebration; Britain and the community; worldwide church.  Revision - component 2: Christianity; component 3: Islam.

Summer: Theme 1: Relationships - sexual relationships; issues of equality. Revision - Themes 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Exam Specifications