Student Wellbeing

We hope our students feel healthy and safe, and enjoy all aspects of school life. We have been recognised for our high quality care and support.

“Blackburn Central High School provides high quality care and support for all students, particularly those whose circumstances make them more vulnerable. This, alongside the carefully planned courses of study, helps students to be well prepared to move on to further education, training or employment.” - Ofsted

Students start each school day in their Progress Groups, where their Progress Tutor ensures high standards of appearance, attendance, punctuality and behaviour.

Each year group is supported by a Pastoral Manager who maintains close ties between school and home, and are the first point of contact for parents and carers.

An Achievement Lead is linked to each year group and monitors the academic progress of each student to ensure that they all fulfil their potential.

If you ever come across something you think you shouldn’t have seen make sure you tell someone about it.

Please use this link to report any concerns that effect you or someone you know. More information at


Report to the police any safeguarding concerns that effect you or someone you know.


Email the Blackburn Central High School Safeguarding Team

Wellbeing Related Policies