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School Library

Welcome to the Blackburn Central High School Library, we have exciting things planned including access to thousands of digital books.

MyOn Online Library

MyOn is an online library, with thousands of books, that students can access for free, from most internet enabled devices. Login below using your school login (the name and numbers at the start of your school email address), 

Your Username is your school login (the beginning bit of your email addresses) and the password is ABC. Just make sure the School Name says Blackburn Central High School with Crosshill.

MyOn Login
Watch the student introduction video below to learn more about using MyOn.

If you have any questions or are struggling to log on, please email library@bchs.co.uk

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a computer program that helps our teachers to manage and monitor students' independent reading.

Students are encouraged choose books that are suitable for their reading level, and read at their own pace. When they finish they book, they take a short online quiz. The quiz measures how much of what they read was understood.

Accelerated Reader gives both students and teachers feedback based on the quiz results, which the teacher then uses to help the student set targets and direct ongoing reading practice.

Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader

Students can log on to Accelerated Reader using the link below, their log in details will be the same as MyOn - their username and ABC as the password.

Log on to Accelerated Reader