The Mosque at the Mount


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I and several other students were involved in an organised trip to Clitheroe Mosque, one of the few places of worship for Muslims in the Ribble Valley. After being greeted by Imam Ashraf, we were all asked, out of respect, to remove our shoes, and the females in our group were asked to wear headscarves.

As I had never been in a mosque before, I was astonished by its appearance; I thought that the building was very peaceful andwelcoming.We were directed towards the washroom, a place where Muslims come to cleanse before prayer, and were given a demonstration of the ablution (the wash before prayer) before we entered the prayer room.

The prayer room was extremely large and had individual divides lining the carpets. Once the prayer call was projected, the divides quickly filled up with Muslims who began preparing for prayer. We were lucky enough to observe the prayers being performed, led by Imam Ashraf as he read from the Quran.

Once the prayer was complete we were encouraged to ask questions, and the group were taught about the Five Pillars of Islam. The session was very informative and focused on key points about the reasons behind the Islamic expectations.

The day was highly enjoyable and has provided an educational benefit for all the students involved. I now view the Islamic religion from a different perspective and have realised its importance to those who follow it. We also wrote to Imam Ashraf thanking him for the experience.

– Orianna, 9C

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