Junior Leadership Team


Last term students were invited to submit a letter of application to apply for a position on the BCHS Junior Leadership Team, an amazing opportunity for any student.

The Junior Leadership Team is the individual and group point of view of young people within a school environment, which can include active participation, knowledge, voting, beliefs, leadership and ideas. The team represents the diversity of BCHS students as they cometogether to share and discuss ideas about their education whilst representing our students’ interests.

The team members will be provided with opportunities to display responsibility, develop leadership qualities and their understanding of citizenship, while acting as the main body of communication between students and the school’s Senior Leadership Team.

The students selected for the Junior Leadership Team 2014-15 are:
Year 7 Class Reps: Kasim, Zeba, Mohammed, Humaira, Sophie, Zainab.
Year 8 Class Reps: Raessa, Sanah, Mohammed Hussain, Ben.
Year 9: Khadijah, Yaseen. Multimedia co-ordinators: Attiya, Danyaal, Ruman. Treasurer: Alliyah.
Year 10: Vice President: Mohammed Hussain, Treasurer: Yasmin.
Year 11: Secretary: Kirsty, President: Agne.

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