Glow UK Dress-In-Neon Day


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Glow UK Dress-In-Neon Day is a national event in support of The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, which raises awareness of the costs involved in training and keeping a guide dog, and to increase awareness of the enormous difference a guide dog can make to the life of someone with a visual impairment.

Allan Maynard and his guide dog Yo-Yo visited BCHS for the week’s assemblies and spoke about being blind and just how important itis for him to have Yo-Yo as a companion.Guide dogs like Yo-Yo provide mobility and freedom to blind and partially sighted people; there are nearly 4,800 guidedogs owners in the UK, and the lifetime cost of a guide dog is over £50,000. The guide dog service receives no government funding and depends entirely upon public support.

A massive thank you to all staff and students for the wonderful reception given to Allan and Yo-Yo. Allan made a valuable contribution to BCHS, and is truly an inspiration. Together we managed to raise over £300 for the Guide Dog’s Association, which has been used to sponsor three puppies.

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