Four! Five! Fire!


Fire engine

Year 8 students at BCHS were treated to a visit from the Lancashire Fire Service in the last week of autumn half term. The representatives from the Fire Service gave a presentation about the dangers of playing with fireworks or fire and the implications of hoax calls.

In order to illustrate the speed in which the fire fighters have to put their safety kit on when there is a call out, students were split into two teams and raced against eachother in getting changed into a full kit. They then had to remove the kit and pass it to the next team member.

Carla Benaron, Community Fire Safety Officer said “In order to break down barriers between young people and the firefighters who turn out to incidents in the local area, we visit local schools. Another reason we do this is because in the past couple of years fire-fighters have experienced serious attacks whilst attending callouts around the Bonfire period. The attacks were mainly from young men in their early or mid-teens, hence why for the past few years we want to engage with students of that age group.”

We all had a lovely, informative afternoon and a number of students asked for them to come back to hopefully get to know the local fire crews a lot better.

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