Food Poverty is Without Prejudice


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BCHS recently started a fresh campaign to support Food For All Day on the 30th January. Working in conjunction with Tauheedul Charity and FareShare –charities committed to fighting hunger and tackling food waste, staff and students were asked to donate food for breakfast clubs and foodbanks across the borough. A mountainous 309.5kg of food was brought into BCHS for these charities to share amongst local families.

To raise awareness of Food Poverty – being unable to pay for food, fuel and housing costs together -Mr Farrell, and Ms Rathore, Year 8 PPC, took daily assemblies and worked with students in their PSHCE lessons.

Ms Rathore said “We were able to speak to every child in the school and highlight the very real issue of food poverty and the detrimental effect it quickly has upon families. Some students (and staff) were shocked to discover how a change in breadwinner’s circumstances can rapidly spiral the family so easily down into food deprivation. Once again, we have been really moved by the staff’s support and whole school contributions from the parents and students.”

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