The Junior Leadership Team is the individual and group point of view of young people within a school environment, which can include active participation, knowledge, voting, beliefs, leadership and ideas. The team represents the diversity of BCHS students as they come together to share and discuss ideas about their education whilst representing our students’ interests.

Our Junior Leadership Team will consists of students from each year group, who will have become successful through application, to represent their peers and BCHS. JLT will provide opportunities for students to display responsibility, develop leadership qualities and their understanding of citizenship, while contributing to the life of BCHS. The group will meet regularly and will be actively involved in gathering the opinion of students on whole school issues; acting as the main body of communication between students and the School Senior Leadership Team.

The students selected for the Junior Leadership Team 2015-16 are:

Year 8 Class Reps:Aminah, Aleenah, Charlie, Humaira, Farhanna, Natasha.
Year 9 Class Reps: Shiraaz, Humaira, Demi, Zainab, Raya. Vice Treasurer & Fund Raiser: Faheema.
Year 10 Class Reps: Salma, Faheema, Sanah. Multimedia co-ordinators: Mohammed, Sanaa. Vice Secretary: Anisa.
Year 11 Class Reps: Lara, Farhanna. Multimedia co-ordinator/Treasurer & Fund Raiser: Zulekha. Secretary: Raqiba. Vice President: Naazima. President: Rumana.

What is JLT?

  • JLT is the individual and group point of view and actions of young people within a school environment.
  • JLT will represent the diversity of BCHS students.
  • Students will come together to share and discuss ideas about their education.
  • Represent secondary students’ interests.
  • Provide secondary students with the skills to impact their educational communities.
  • Be led by students and be accountable to students.

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