2015 Leavers’ Jackets


Leavers 2015

Our leavers’ jackets this year are different than any year previously, they really make us feel special, and for that we would like to thank Mr Chinery. These smart looking jackets attract many eyes and make us look different – in other words they make us feel incomparable.

The letterman-style jackets represent us as the BCHS leavers’ class of 2015; they make us stand out in and outside of school, which means we get a lot of complimentslike:“Smart”, “Outstanding” and “Unique”.

Our leavers’ jackets show people that we will soon be leaving school; just after our final exams and that we will be beginning the next stage of our lives as young adults and are ready to facelots of new challenges. They also show that we are proud to be a part of Blackburn Central High School.

– Agnes, 11C

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