YOUR Club at Blackburn Central High School Library


Your club meeting

Several students have been picked to be part of YOUR Club in our school library. YOUR Club lets students choose what we would like to do such as: Easter eggs hunts, making Mothers’ Day cards, or a fun summer water battle.

We have done lots of super activities with our outstanding teachers. Megan remembers making pancakes when Mrs Crawford couldn’t flip them, while Nelofar really enjoyed convincing Mr Chinery to let her paint his nails when we ran a beauty parlour; Alf enjoyed making bracelets for his sister, because she loved them.

In YOUR Club team-work is very important to us because we make friends and care about each other. We learn how to concentrate when we do different, fun activities like threading beads on to the thinnest elastic.

YOUR Club is a big family and also a loving community. This amazing club will blow your mind!

Below are some ‘inchies’ we’ve created in YOUR Club.

Alf, Megan and Nelofar (Year 7)

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