Year 11 Drama Group takes to the stage! Lights! Camera! Action!


Year 11 Drama Exam

The 4th May 2016 saw the Year 11 GCSE Drama Group perform their exam piece ‘Taken Dreams’ to staff, parents and students. The performance was professional, engaging and a great success!The group were given the Shakespearean quote “We are such stuff as dreams are made on…” taken from the Tempest and then had to research a topic that they believe suited the quote. The group decided to create a performance based upon the Holocaust.

Despite this being a very tragic event in history, the students showed a high level of maturity throughout. Each character was stripped of their identity and given a number however, they still spoke about their hopes and dreams even when faced with death.

We are extremely proud of the GCSE Drama Group. They are hardworking individuals and this year they have shown just how talented they are. Excellent, positive feedback has boosted their confidence and team morale. One audience member said “They felt like they had been taken on a journey with the characters”.

Bravo Year 11! Well done to Shanwaz, Natasha, Chantelle, Luke and Mia.

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