World Book Day Doors


World Book Day 2018

Blackburn Central High School staff decorated classroom doors to celebrate World Book Day 2018.

Thank you to all our staff for making World Book Day such a success last week. We had a total of 19 fantastically decorated doors within BCHS with Crosshill.

The students were talking about them and it was great to have so many people making such an effort.

The judges Mr Tyrie and Mr Sumner, from the English department, had a great time but although all the doors were great, the final winners are:

1st Place: Access
The door scored straight 10s across the board. A huge effort for their Alice in Wonderland door.

2nd Place: Art
Although you might think this is predictable, the Art department produced a fantastic display of Harry Potter’s Platform 9 3/4, complete with a hand drawn Hogwarts Express!

3rd Place: Resolve and Mrs Davies
We were unable to decide between the two of these. The ladies in Resolve turned the room into the ‘Chokee’ from Matilda, and Mrs Davies spent a great amount of time on her door: Scrooge’s front door from A Christmas Carol.

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