With a head full of dreams see the change you want to be


This year we welcome back 866 Blackburn Central High School students and 61 Crosshill students to our successful, growing and thriving community. I would like to thank parents and carers for supporting attendance this term, which again has been above the national average; as you know it is vital students are in school if they are going to succeed.

To accommodate our rising numbers we needed more teaching space, so over the summer break two new classrooms were created in the main school and a new extension was added onto Crosshill, giving them two new classrooms.

It is my aim for all our students to have a dream, something to work towards, something that provides them with the direction and motivation to grow, develop and achieve success.

Every great achievement began in the mind of one person. They dared to dream, to believe that it was possible. Don’t let negative thinking discourage you. Your dream should be big, something beyond your capabilities, but it must also be believable. If certain things take place, if others help, if you work hard enough, though it is a big dream, it can still be done.

Great achievers picture in their mind the outcome they want – the football going into the net, or being the CEO of a successful business. Tell people about your dream, the more you say it the more you will believe it. It also holds you accountable and spurs you on so that you don’t look foolish.

Your dream won’t just happen; you need to plan out your strategy for achieving your dream. Think through the details; break the plan down into smaller, manageable tasks, and set a time frame to accomplish each task in your “dream plan”. Successful people are usually the hardest workers, if you work on your “dream plan” every day, eventually you will achieve your dream.

Once you have reached your goal and are living your dream, be sure to enjoy it, also make sure you enjoy the journey by giving yourself rewards along the way. Finally be gracious and generous, use your dream to help others, and there’s nothing stopping you from coming up with a new dream, something else to strive for. You have the power to make life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure.

On a final note, please can I remind you, that with the colder weather arriving, students should wear their uniform jumper under their blazer and they should also bring an outside coat for the journey to and from school and for use during break and lunch time.

Mrs Atkinson

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