We’re in the Army now!


Sixteen Year 10 and 11 Blackburn Central High School students took part in a week long Army Insight Course organised by their Outreach Team at Altcar training area.

The Insight Course gives young people, who are considering a career in the armed forces, the chance to sample Army life; they perform common military tasks, eat and sleep as soldiers and are put through physical training, all under the watchful eyes of trained officers and soldiers.

Over the week our students developed leadership skills, resilience, grit and determination as they were put through a series of physical and mental activities that all required team work and communication skills. They also took part in Heart Start, in association with the British Heart Foundation, which provides instruction in basic life saving techniques and first aid.

The Blackburn Central students worked alongside students from Wennington Hall School in Lancaster and quickly became good friends. The interaction between the two schools was so impressive that staff are organising an exchange visit the later in the year.

At the end of the course Casey received an award for solider of the week and Lachlan was awarded the best for physical fitness.

A celebration is being held on the 27th October to award the students who successfully completed the course. If you are interested in attending please contact Mr Chinery on 01254 505700 or email GChinery913@bchs.co.uk

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