Wasted Lives at Blackburn Central High School


Wasted Lives 2019

The Wasted Lives team, including fire officers from the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, took part in our latest PSHE day.

Wasted Lives is an award-winning young driver education programme, aimed at young drivers and their passengers. The classroom session covered speed, seat belts, mobile phones, drink and drug driving.

The facilitators told the story of  a local Fire Brigade Community Worker who discovered a car crash on her way to a presentation at a school. She attempted to resuscitate a seriously injured baby, and the mother who was lying nearby. Our students were asked to consider the consequences for the Community Worker, the people involved in the crash and the wider community.

The team also showed our Year 10 students a crashed car and related the story of Daniel Birch. Daniel was 23 years old and driving home after a night out. He lost control of his car and collided with a gate post. The damage to his car was catastrophic, and Daniel was killed. He was almost 3 times over the legal drink drive limit. One bad decision ended his life and seriously affected the lives of those around him.

These sessions offered our students the opportunity for discussion and reflection. They challenged their beliefs, which will hopefully result in safer attitudes towards risk taking behaviours on the roads.

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