Virtual Reality Space Adventure


Virtual Reality VR

Ninety Year 7 students were lucky enough to experience an outstanding virtual reality workshop at Blackburn Central High School, delivered by The Education Group on Friday 6th October 2017.

Our students journeyed through the solar system visiting each of its planets in turn, examining them and their moons.

They were all amazed by Jupiter’s Great Red Spot; a hurricane that has been raging for over 350 years. We also learnt about the planet’s surface beneath its layers of gas. Did you know that beneath the gas is a layer of liquid metal.

Students also visited the moons of Jupiter and discovered that we could use one of these as a base for visiting Jupiter in the future. Everyone was totally enthralled by their experience.

Mrs Reeves is looking forward to receiving many entries in the Year 7 Science competition to win a voucher. Entries can be either a poster, PowerPoint presentation, or play that demonstrates what they have learned from the VR experience. Please hand entries to Mr Reeves in Science, the deadline is the end of this half term, 27th October 2017.



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