UCLAN Observatory Trip



On 30th January, during a very dark and cloudy evening, Mrs Reeves and Mr Donaldson took 14 Blackburn Central High School students to the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) Observatory in Longton, Preston.

After having a not-so-healthy tea of pizza and chips, the students joined other young adults to look at the old telescope and the newest telescope at UCLAN, which also happens to be the most powerful in the UK.

Unfortunately, due to the cloud cover, we couldn’t look through the telescope, but saw images previously recorded of the Andromeda Galaxy, nebulae, stars and planets.

Dr Norris from UCLAN then delivered a lecture on the history of the universe, the formation of stars and planets and also whether there is other life out there, somewhere.

Everybody enjoyed the experience and came away with more questions than answers! Some of the questions we have will never be answered in our lifetime.

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