The Transfer – Creative Writing from Ethan in Year 7


Ethan in 7E sent this wonderful bit of creative writing to his Pastoral Manager, Ms Rathore, who got his permission to share with our extended community.

Cold was the night, not that I could feel it. All I could feel was insects, dirt and pain… unbearable pain should I add. I would commit suicide if I could but sadly it wasn’t an option.Being cremated may have been better after all. The worst part is I’m always alone. Well I get one or two visitors per year but that isn’t much. Sometimes I’ll try and dig to the corpse next to me but once again I’m paralysed with pain. I wish I could go back to life, to my family. But the person I miss the most is my daughter. She is one of the only few who still visit me. I wish I quit smoking when I had the chance.

Out of nowhere, it felt like I couldn’t breathe. Any time now my ribs would give way. Suddenly I felt something cold and hard hit me. What I saw next moved me… I could see light, clouds, the moon and even people this was all great but who would want to visit me at this time of night. I tried to get up but I couldn’t. Why was this I wasn’t pinned down by dirt or insects and I didn’t feel pain so why couldn’t I move. It was like my soul was imprisoned inside my own body. Then I realised that was why.

Soon the men came back with a wheel barrow with bags that looked familiar but I couldn’t be sure. While thinking, I was grabbed and launched into a bag and onto the wheel barrow. Then we started to move. With still no idea what was going on, we started to move. I was bouncing, rolling and even worse I couldn’t stop thinking about my daughter. How would she visit me?

Just then we stopped and taken out of the bag and thrown into a peculiar vehicle with 4 circular, rubber discs. They opened the back and chucked us in with no regret or care. After what seemed like days, we finally came to a halt. When they finally opened the back I was amazed at all the colours I saw in the morning sky. It was beautiful. It quite reminded me of my daughter bright and full of colour.

Once more we were launched into bags and taken to somewhere that we didn’t know with people we didn’t know. I tried my best to move but after a while I gave up on that to. At this point I just waited to see what was going to happen… After what felt what like an eternity we stopped and was de-bagged. But where I was felt natural like I belonged here. Then I was carried and put on the floor and what I saw next was the best thing that I had ever seen. It was my family and even my parents… well there graves. This was the best day ever.

A little message for every one in the world:

Every now and then things are going to change. Now change isn’t just bad it can also be one of the best things to ever happen. If you go to a new school you have a chance to make new friends, if you move house there could be new parks and shops. So instead of focusing on the bad part of change try to focus on the good things.

Also I would like to thank my mum and step dad for encouraging me to my limits so I can do well in life. I may not always appreciate it but I know they are doing it for my well being and I will always love them with all my heart.

Ethan, 7E

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