The HARA perform at Blackburn Central High School


The Hara at BCHS 2019

Alternative band The HARA visited Blackburn Central High School to deliver an exciting performance; plus assemblies to our Year 7, 8 and 9 students about many topics, including cyberbullying and mental health.

Josh Taylor (frontman), Zack Breen (guitar) and Jack Kennedy (drums) are a passionate trio, who between performances, shared important messages relating to emotional health and staying safe online. They also encouraged our students to seek support and help from friends, family, and school staff during challenging times.

The bandmates explained how these issues have affected them personally and that they are often contacted by fans who have similar concerns. Josh and Zack talked about how they didn’t have many friends at school, and were seen as different and “uncool”. Jack revealed how he’d posted a photograph of his house and studio on Instagram, followed by holiday photos, and returned to find his house burgled and drum kit stolen.

The HARA formed in 2017, after Josh met guitarist Zack and drummer Jack online through their shared love of music and performing. Their music is a mix of pop and rock, inspired by bands such as Panic at the Disco!, Twenty One Pilots, The 1975, and Kings of Leon.

During their Q&A session the lads were asked where the name HARA came from. They told students the “official” story of ‘the hara’ being a Japanese word for a tool of spiritual awakening, and also the true story that Josh owned a ‘Sahara’ brand barbeque, on which the ‘Sa’ had faded leaving only the word ‘hara’, which they thought sounded like a great band name.

Finally, thanks to Josh, Zack and Jack for coming in to BCHS and entertaining and educating our students. Judging by the number of students eager to meet them after the performance, I’m sure our students will be taking home some exciting memories.

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