Students Visit Jaguar Land Rover in Halewood


Rover Jaguar Halewood

A specially selected group of students received first-hand experience of car manufacturing during a visit to the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Halewood.

The students were given a detailed tour of the production line, before being challenged to design and build their own cars. Which helped to develop their problem solving and team working skills.

Year 10 student, Adam, said ‘It was the best trip I’ve ever been on!’

Our Careers Adviser, Mrs Ansbro has already completed follow-up interviews with the Year 11 students who experienced the day; some of whom have now changed their further education choices due to being so inspired by the experience.

Eli, from 9E, wrote this wonderful piece about his visit:

After arriving at Halewood and listening to a safety presentation the tour began. Firstly, we were shown the aluminium pressing zone, where large aluminium sheets were moulded, using four incredibly specific moulds to emerge as one uniform piece, which then moved along the production line.

Next was the welding zone which consisted of the uniform vehicle parts being spot welded to the frame of the vehicle and sealed with a black polymer filament. The frame of the vehicle was laser tested to make sure its dimensions were millimeter perfect. It happens very rarely, but if the frame of the vehicle was the incorrect dimension it would be taken off the conveyor, and sent to the adjustment area to be trimmed or remoulded to the correct dimensions.

We also got to see how the leather seats, steering wheel and dashboard are fitted; for both left and right handed drive cars.

The vehicles were all stamped with their country of sale and model number, so were almost ready to be shipped off throughout the continents. But first their engines needed testing; their engine were pumped with fuel and started multiple times to test if the piping, engine and exhaust channels were working correctly.

After the tour we took part in a team skills and communication skills test. Five teams of students built model vehicles, which were then tested for speed, durability, and ingenuity by sending them down a ramp to see how far each could travel.

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