Students take part in Srebrenica Remembrance


Some of our students took part in the Srebrenica Remembrance at Blackburn Cathedral, to remember the 7,500 who were killed in the 1995 genocide.

At the “Bridging the Divide: Confronting Hate” memorial Service our students read out these pledges.

We pledge that, when we see members of our community becoming disenfranchised, we will make a concerted effort to engage and include them. 

We pledge that, when we hear divisive propaganda, we will challenge this effectively. 

We pledge that we will protect those who speak out against human rights abuses. 

Those in attendance heard personal testimonies from survivors of the atrocity, and how many had lost family members in the war.

Aida Čorbadžić and Elvir Solak from the national Theatre of Sarajevo performed a number of evocative songs that mirrored the pain and anguish of those affected.

After poems were read out, there was a short prayer, followed by a minute’s silence, and the lighting of candles in memory of those who lost their lives.

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