Students help shape future of NHS patient apps



BCHS students have been testing an innovative new mobile app for the NHS.

Blackburn students were given exclusive access to the NHS ORB app and were asked for their feedback, including ideas for improvements.

The ORB brings lots of important health and care information together in one easy to use app.

Developer Ross Cooper said:

“We want to create an NHS platform for patients. In England there are hundreds and thousands of applications and websites that deal with every aspect of health. The issue we’ve found is that either people don’t know about them or didn’t find them easy to organise and access.”

Our students really enjoyed helping the NHS and the app developers, and provided some positive feedback:

“The session was fun and interactive and I loved the NHS ORB app as it will save loads of time for people.”

“It is a great app and we will be able to show our families how to use it.”

The BCHS students were awarded certificates by the NHS in recognition of their help.

Below are videos of our students and their teacher Mr Robertson giving their feedback on the NHS ORB app:

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