Student Charity Drive


Charity Foodbank

In the build up to Christmas and the holidays, staff and students at Blackburn Central High School supported three different charities.

The whole of Year 8 at raised money to buy gifts for refugee and asylum seekers and their families at a party hosted by Blackburn YMCA at Blackburn Cathedral.

The gifts consisted of colouring books, pens and crayons, toiletries and small toys, along with a handwritten card from the students involved, and every student in Year 7, wishing them a warm and safe Christmas holiday.

Aftab Mughal, New Beginnings Project Officer for the YMCA said “Thanks to BCHS, everybody got something for Christmas, the gifts were so thoughtful, everyone had a great time.”

Students and staff across the school then went on to support the Foodbank and Maundy Relief. Food, clothes, nappies and toiletries – were generously donated by staff, students and their families to support the two charities.

Mrs Shanaz Hussain, Deputy Headteacher said “We are so proud of our school community, and their generosity. Some of our families have very little themselves, but will always give to our charity appeals. Our charitable ethos and philosophy is so embedded in our school, it has become second nature for us all to think of those less fortunate than ourselves, and help the best way we can. We look forward to continuing to work with local charities and organisations in 2018 too.”

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