Srebrenica Remembrance


Students from BCHS with Crosshill, recently remembered those killed in the genocide of over 7,500 men and boys and the horrific crimes perpetrated toward the women in Srebrenica in 1995.

A remembrance service was held at Blackburn Cathedral, where schools from across the borough attended, along with the Mayor, religious leaders and other local dignitaries.

During the service, they heard an emotional eye-witness account of how quickly friends and neighbours turned against each other in Bosnia, and how people fled their towns and homes to escape the massacre. Many people “disappeared”, with their remains only recently being discovered, and reburied by their families.

As well as hearing the testimonials from those who went to Srebrenica after the crimes were committed, to support the rebuilding of a broken community, a poem was read, Christian and Muslim prayers were given and a minutes silence was held in remembrance.

Diane Atkinson, Deputy Head Teacher said  “Although the events at Srebrenica happened over two decades ago, it doesn’t make them any less horrific. We will always stand united against acts of terrorism. Our students have once again shown this, not by their words, but by their actions. This ethos of compassion is a ribbon that runs right through our school community and bonds us together, regardless of whatever race, religion or gender we are.”


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