Simon Weston Talks to Year 11 at BCHS


Simon Weston

Simon Weston’s visit to Blackburn Central High School today was an experience both staff and students won’t forget in a hurry. As soon as he arrived Simon Weston began inspiring everyone he met.

Welsh Guardsman, Simon Weston was on board the RFA Sir Galahad when it was destroyed during the Falkland Islands’ campaign in 1982. Simon is well known for his struggle to overcome his injuries and redefine his role in life. His message is one of triumph over adversity and seizing the moment. He is a brilliant example for the students of Blackburn Central High School.

During lunchtime a small group of Year 11 students had the opportunity to speak with Mr Weston about his own experiences and how he managed to motivate himself to overcome his difficulties and rise above obstacles he had encountered. Throughout the 30 minutes the BCHS students listened in silence as Mr Weston presented them with aims and objectives that they could apply to their own lives.

During the afternoon Simon Weston met the whole of Year 11 where he spoke about how he had overcome his difficulties and what he believed they should consider the most important thing in life. He said, ‘A positive mental attitude is the key and you should not be bothered about what other people say or think about you; you are your own vehicle for success’.

The students were left full of positivity and have, hopefully taken a lot from Simon Weston’s inspirational and motivational talk. The question and answer session could have gone on for hours, it was a fantastic experience for all concerned.

For more information about Simon Weston CBE please contact Matthew Fisher, Director of Performing Artistes – London on 020 3740 3640 or email

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