Science Fun at Intack Primary School


Mrs Reeves and Mrs Williams from the Blackburn Central High School science department had the immense pleasure of taking science to Intack Primary School before the Easter break.

Starting with a WOW! assembly, they turned Vimto into water, milk, milkshake and lemonade and made elephant toothpaste. The staff and students were in awe of the science magic and gave a spontaneous burst of applause!

Throughout the day, children from nursery to Year 6 took part in science investigations including forensic chromatography, making pinhole cameras, flying Zappy Zoomers and making a cabbage indicator (which din’t smell too pleasant!).

Intack primary school staff and students enjoyed the day and gave some very positive feedback:

“It was the best lesson; we learnt science that we can do at home.”

“Assembly really ‘wowed’ staff and children. Amazing how something simple can encourage so much enthusiasm and curiosity.”

“I didn’t like the zoomers – I LOVED them!”

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