Royal Marines Taster


Royal Marines

Blackburn Central High School was visited by the Royal Marines last Friday. The Marines put our Year 9, 10 and 11 students through their paces during a day of fitness training.

The Corps of Royal Marines is the United Kingdom’s amphibious light infantry force, forming part of the Naval Service, along with the Royal Navy. The Royal Marines were formed in 1755, but can trace their origins back to 1664.

As a highly specialised and adaptable light infantry force, the Royal Marines are trained for rapid deployment worldwide and capable of dealing with a wide range of threats.

The Corps operates in all environments and climates, though particular expertise and training is spent on amphibious warfare, arctic warfare, mountain warfare, expeditionary warfare, and its commitment to the UK’s Rapid Reaction Force.

Mrs Jowett from our careers team had this to say about the day: “I would like to thank the students who took part in the Royal Marines taster day on Friday, the Marines that visited where very impressed with the engagement of the students and the effort they put in.

“They also commented that our students where very welcoming and happy to take part, and were impressed with the diversity of the students and how well they worked together. The day ran very smoothly and the students where fully engaged.”

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