Requesting a Leave of Absence/Holiday in Term Time


I would like to clarify Blackburn Central High School’s position regarding holiday or leave of absence in term time.

Authorising absence is a policy decision. We work within the policy adopted by the Local Authority and school. All school absence is a serious matter monitored by the Local Authority, Education Welfare department and Ofsted and all school procedures are checked regularly.

Holidays are NOT permitted in term time. Requesting holidays because it is cheaper to go in term time is not a valid reason, neither are celebrations abroad considered a necessity.

Holidays should be taken in holiday time of which we have plenty of weeks available. These include:

  • 1 week Autumn half term
  • 2 weeks Christmas
  • 1 week Spring half term
  • 2 weeks Easter
  • 1 week Summer half term
  • 6 weeks in the summer

Taking holidays in term time means children quickly fall behind with their work and may require extra support to catch up.

Parents taking holidays during term time without discussing it first or informing the school in advance will result in fixed penalty fines being issues. This is £60 per child and parent rising to £120 per child and parent if not paid within 28 days. If we are not informed where a child is during school time the child is classed as missing.

Parents may request leave of absence for exceptional circumstances. A form needs to be filled out and submitted to the Headteacher with as much notice as possible. A response will be given.

In addition to holiday absence we have a very small number of children who persistently have time off. If a child’s attendance falls below 80% the education welfare team will be notified and a Common Assessment Form (CAF) may be opened. Parents may also be subject to a penalty fine.

I hope this explains how the school will deal with requests for leave and any holidays taken in term time.

Our Attendance Policy and Blackburn with Darwen’s Discretionary Leave Policy can be found in the policy section of our website.

If you would like further information we are holding a parental meeting with the Local Authority Inclusion Officer on Thursday 22nd February  at 3.00 pm at Blackburn Central High School.  If you would like to attend this meeting please email Miss Kelsall by Wednesday 21st February.

Yours sincerely,

Miss M Kelsall
Assistant Headteacher – Attendance and Inclusion


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