Religious Studies Students Visit Clitheroe Mosque


Clitheroe mosque

A group of our Year 8 Religious Studies students paid a visit to the Mosque at the Mount in Clitheroe. This visit was part of their scheme of work on Islam.

Established as a non-denominational facility, Clitheroe Mosque is committed to preserving the traditional values of Islam, in accordance with the Holy Qur’an and the authentic Hadith and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.

Our students toured the mosque and asked the Imam questions about the Islamic faith and worship.

Finally, the students enjoyed a Wudu demonstration, the Islamic purification ritual or ablution. Wudu involves washing the hands, mouth, nostrils, arms, head and feet with water and is an important part of ritual purity in Islam; it is done in preparation for formal prayers (salat) and before handling and reading the Qur’an.

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