Refugee Week at Blackburn Central High School


Refugee art

To recognise Refugee Week, Blackburn Central High School hosted an art exhibition of work done by students who were refugees or asylum seekers.

Visitors from across the borough attended to see the artwork on display. With some students arriving here with little or no grasp of English, students are able to use art as a medium to express themselves and tell their story.

One student had fled their country of birth, to start a new life in the UK, where as a female she could access education and be accepted in her community.

Another student lived in multiple countries around Europe, before finding sanctuary in the UK. His art showed how his life would have been had he have stayed in his country of birth.

Also on display were journals that the students kept, about their home country, illustrated by them and written in English. They showed a compelling insight into the country and of their previous lives.

Shanaz Hussain, Deputy Head Teacher said “We all take for granted, living in a safe country, without fear of reprisals because of our gender, faith or any other reason. The art work done by our students showed strength, and humanity, alongside the imagery of their personal journey of what led them here. We will support not only the students but their families too, and we will continue to do so.”

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