Quantum Theatre Remembrance Day Performance


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Our History department arranged for Quantum Theatre to perform as part of our Remembrance Day events.

Quantum Theatre performed “Your Country Needs You” for our Year 8 students, in preparation for studying the World Wars.

Using original source materials and interweaving songs, sketches, poetry and prose from the time, the play examined the realities of life at home and on the front lines.

Additionally, the play explored the politics behind the outbreak of World War I through to the Battle of the Somme, using sketches to follow the fate of a ‘Pals’ Battalion made up of players from Heart of Midlothian Football Club.

In November 1914, sixteen players from Hearts enlisted in Sir George McCrae’s new volunteer battalion. Later to become the 16th Royal Scots and the first to be nicknamed a “footballer’s battalion”. The group of volunteers also contained 500 Hearts supporters.

Our students enjoyed the play and how Quantum Theatre used pacey, humorous musical theatre to bring history to life.

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