Punctuality Update


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Congratulations 99% of you are amazing at getting to school on time in the morning.

This makes such a difference to how we all start our day. If you are late to registration there is a 20 minute catch up at the start of lunch.

You’ve done an outstanding job at getting to school on time, now we’re going to work on punctuality to Period 5 after lunch.

Being late to period 5 disrupts the entire class and the teacher – everyone’s education is compromised. Being late is not cute, it’s not quirky; Let’s call it what it is: if you’re routinely late, you are rude and inconsiderate, for some reason, you place a higher premium on your time than anyone else’s.

To support you we are going to sound the following bells:

  • Move in bell – 1:45pm
  • Be there – 1:48pm
  • Lesson start – 1:50pm

If you are not in class ready to learn by 1:50pm you will be classed as late. Your teacher will keep you at the end of the day for a 10 minute late catch up. Your Pastoral Manager, Achievement Lead and member of SLT will support this taking place.

Think positive

Be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

Nearly half of you managed 100% attendance last half-term. That is outstanding, and gives you an entry to the £50 Christmas meal draw and also an entry into the draw for an ipad mini at the end of the year.

For your second entries keep up your 100% attendance this half-term too!

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