Pop singer Sion Hill visits BCHS


Sion Hill

Blackburn Central High School students were paid a visit by Irish soul and pop singer Sion Hill as part of a nationwide anti-bullying campaign tour.

Sion, a singer-songwriter from Limerick in Ireland, has a growing reputation in the music industry. After taking Germany by storm he brought his music and talent over to the UK.

Sion performed to BCHS students in Years 7 and 9 before spending some time talking about key issues including cyber-bullying, resilience, self-esteem and appropriate use of social media.

Speaking on the subject of cyberbullying and discrimination, Sion said: “With the evolution of social media, our attention spans have become shorter than ever. Rarely do we do anything without needing to film or document it on our smartphones.

“Through my music, I’m calling for a revolution of the self; to step away from the online world for a moment and think about what is really important, concentrate on real relationships and read something that’s longer than a page.

“You need to respect other people, so that you can earn their respect in return.”

Sion performed his single, Beaches from his album Elephant, which is now available to buy and stream on all platforms.

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