You will receive your exam results in your normal post on Thursday 12 August. If you do not receive your results, please contact school.

Appealing an exam grade – Summer 2021

Student grades have been determined by teacher assessment this summer.

Teachers have been working hard to collect evidence for students from assessments that have taken place in school and from previous assessments where this has been necessary.

Special consideration has been applied where necessary for students.
Students have been provided with access arrangements for exams where they have been appropriate.

The following is a timeline of events and the procedure to follow, should students wish to appeal an exam grade:

  • Exam results day - 12th August 2021
  • Students have 21 days to submit a Centre Review (Stage 1) appeal - from results day to 3rd September 2021.
  • Student to complete a Student Request Form (available here) and submit to Exam Appeals 2021 email address ExamAppeals@bchs.co.uk. Students must sign the form as it gives permission for the appeal and the grade may be lowered.
  • If the student is not satisfied with the outcome, they can request an Awarding Body Appeal (Stage 2) - deadline 17th September 2021.
  • Student to complete the next section of the Student Request Form (available here).
  • If the student is still not satisfied with the outcome, they can request a further review through the Exams Procedures Review Service.

Students may withdraw an appeal, as long as no finding has been made.

If you cannot edit the PDF version of the Student Request Form, please email ExamAppeals@bchs.co.uk for a Word Document.

Grounds for appeal

Stage one – Centre review

  • If a student feels their grade is wrong, they should speak to their school or college first to check if there was a mistake in determining or submitting the grade.
  • If there was a mistake, schools and colleges can submit a revised grade to the exam board to consider.

Stage two – Exam board review

  • If schools and colleges don’t find a mistake but the student still believes that their grade is wrong, they can ask their school or college to submit a formal appeal to the exam board for them. Students can appeal if they believe any of the following applies:
    • there was an error in the way the school or college followed or applied its procedure for determining their grade
    • the school or college did not make a reasonable judgement when deciding which evidence to use to determine their grade
    • the school or college did not make a reasonable judgement about their grade based on the evidence gathered.
  • If an appeal is submitted to an exam board, schools and colleges will need to supply the complete evidence in support of the student’s grade.

We try to keep students and parents informed as much as possible about upcoming examinations and assessments.