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Gaming to Development Project

A group of Blackburn Central High School students are taking part in the Gaming to Development (G2D) project; a unique and exciting opportunity in Engineering, Design and Technology where they will use 3D real-time collaboration in gaming to prepare them for jobs, which in many cases, may not yet exist.

16 students have been selected to be part of a 6 week programme where they will be working with the CALOM Project, Epic Games and Frame store (The Mandalorian and Avengers VR designers) in collaboration with Cambridge University to understand and be skilled in 3D visualisation.

Students will engage in online-mediated ‘challenge-based learning’, working together remotely and in real time, using the Unreal Engine to build a virtual habitat on Mars. Immersive VR content (e.g. of the Mars landscape) will also be created.

The project will also investigate how tools such as the Unreal Engine can give everyone the resources needed to learn 3D graphics and support the development of key ‘future’ skills.

After 6 weeks and our students will have created a space on Mars, complete with buildings they can walk inside, plus space suits and other tools necessary for survival on Mars.