Online Gaming & Reputation Assemblies


Students have been learning about online gaming and online reputation in assemblies this week at Blackburn Central High School.

These assemblies highlighted the dangers of online gaming and why certain games have an age certification.

They also covered the dangers of posting information and photographs on social media which can damage a person’s reputation online. For example it’s become more common for potential employers to check a candidate’s social media history before offering them a position.

A recent example is Jack Maynard from ‘I’m a celebrity, Get me out of Here’. Jack was asked to leave the show after just 4 days because he had previously posted racist and homophobia comments online.

Children need to be very careful what they post online because once it has been posted there is no way of controlling what happens after is has entered cyberspace.

Additionally on Wednesday the whole of Year 7 took part in an Internet Safety Awareness Day. This included lessons on how to stay safe online, and avoid dangers such as identity fraud, grooming, bullying and how to protect their personal details online.

We hope that our students found the lessons informative and invaluable.


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