Transition Questions

Coming to secondary school is a big milestone in your life, it's exciting, with lots of new challenges. However, you may have a few worries before you start. Don't worry, this is completely normal! I have put a few of the most common worries here, and what to do if they come up.

Where is my classroom?

You will be given a tour of your new school when you start and there are lots of people who will show you where to go. Look out for staff, Buddies, Lead Students and Anti-bullying Ambassadors. They have all been in your situation and will help you. You can familiarise yourself with Blackburn Central High School using our online Virtual Tour from July.

What if I'm late for my lesson?

We understand your new high school is much bigger than your primary school. This means you have more rooms and places to remember. The teacher won't mind if you explain, or come and see me, and I'll give you a note.

Who did I tell if I feel sick?

If you feel unwell, tell your teacher. They will give you a note to see me. I will then call home, if needed, and arrange for your parent or carer to collect you from school. Mobile phones are not to be used on the school premises, so please don't call home from your phone! Just come and see me.

What if I don't know anyone?

We have a number of students who are the only ones who came from their primary school, or have recently moved to Blackburn. There are lots of ways to make new friends, and we encourage this. We have lots of activities in the first week or so, which are designed for everyone to get to know each other.

Will I get bullied?

We have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying. It is something we take very seriously. We have older students who are Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, and wear a blue "A" badge. They will report any concerns you have and let me know, or you can come and speak to me in confidence. It will be sorted out, and we will let parents know.

What do I do at break and lunchtime?

There are different lunchtimes for the year groups in school, so you'll be eating with the rest of Year 7. You will be given a dinner card within the first week of joining us. Everyone has the same card, if you are on free school meals or not, no-one will know. Please do not buy lunches for other students with your card. Your card is for your use only.

There is a special yard, just for Year 7 and 8, so please use this yard. Older students aren't allowed in there, and we ask you not to go into the other yard, even if you know someone in another year group. This is to keep you all together, and to encourage you to get to know others in your year group.

What if I need the toilet?

When possible go to the toilet out of lesson time. That is before school, between lessons, at break and lunch. If you need to use the toilet during lesson times, I can give you a pass, but there must be a medical reason from your doctor.

I have a brother or sister in another year group. Can I spend time with them at break and lunchtime?

We ask that you stay in your area. This is to prevent students from going into areas they are not allowed, and to let you and others in your year group get to know each other. They will remember they were in the Year 7 area too when they first started!