New Y7 Summer School

Monday 25 July - Friday 29 July

9.30am - 2.30pm

Lunch and snacks provided

You should have received a sign up letter from your child's primary school. If you have not received this, please email us on

We know that the transition to high school is known to be a challenging one for some pupils, and the impacts of the pandemic have increased this challenge. A summer school gives an opportunity to offer face-to-face support to your child before they start a new school. At BCHS, we know how important this experience is for our students. Attending Summer School means that your child will be more familiar with the school and will meet members of staff and make friends prior to joining us in September. This means they will be able to enjoy a relaxing summer break without worrying about the transition to high school.

During the five days students will experience a range of activities such as “fun” sports and arts together with curricular-themed activities delivered in a creative way. The Summer School places a sufficient focus on literacy and numeracy delivered via practical activities such as drama or challenges in order to ensure there is no academic dip between leaving primary school and starting secondary school.