New Place to Start


Blackburn Central High School have arranged for students, parents and staff to take advantage of Start. Innovative and easy-to-use careers guidance software that will help young people make better and more informed choices about their career path.

Connected to live labour market information and course data, Start allows users to create a personal profile which generates suitable jobs, qualifications and new destinations to explore.

The journey from education to employment can be a bewildering one, both for children and their parents. With so many websites offering guidance and information on careers or further education, it’s often difficult to know which one is right for your child.

Start provides children from ages 11 to 19 with the means to discover what’s out there, no matter what step of the journey they are on. Start’s intuitive interface is easy to use, so you and your child can get to grips with it and start creating a personal profile immediately.

Students, parents and staff can register with the website, which has plenty of advice and guidance on careers. It also has self evaluation tools which allow students to reflect on their personality and skills.

The website is

When registering please enter the log in code BCHSL

Any issues please contact Mrs Reeves, Mr Farook, or Mrs Jowett at school.



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