National Number Day



On Friday 3rd February everyone at Blackburn Central High School, and all over the country, had the chance to enjoy some number games to celebrate Number Day and raise money for the charity NSPCC.

The NSPCC is unique as they are the only major charity solely focused on preventing the abuse of children. For over 130 years they have helped children and young people at risk of harm.

They help children and young people who have been abused to rebuild their lives, they protect children at risk of harm and they find the best ways of preventing child abuse from happening.

For Number Day we encouraged the use of mathematics and numbers in all lessons, plus the use of number games as part of lessons.

Miss Rigby, Leader of Whole School Numeracy, also organised The Big Number Hunt, where staff had to wear or display numbers in the classrooms that the students were later quizzed on.

A dedicated team of students led by a dedicated Miss Rigby also organised a bake sale during break and lunch on the day to raise even more money for the NSPCC.

So far we have raised £120 for the NSPCC which is amazing, with more sponsor money coming in all the time.

Adam in Year 8 correctly estimated the number of sweets in the jar, and was awarded with all 282 of them. Congratulations Adam.

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