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Lewis Baxter CANW

This morning’s Year 9 achievement assembly was followed by a special Mental Health Awareness presentation by the passionate Lewis Baxter on behalf of Child Action North West.

Despite being surrounded by family and friends and living a ‘perfect’ life, in reality, this was far from the truth. After starting sixth-form in 2015, Lewis was in the grip of depression which controlled every part of his life. Routine tasks became a struggle and he stopped enjoying any aspect of life.

In March 2016, Lewis suffered a mental breakdown, and whilst suicidal, attempted to take his own life. Fortunately, a member of the public, the emergency services and his caring family did enough to prevent this tragedy.

After seeking mental health support, he was introduced to the JIGSAW project, where a CANW counsellor, supported Lewis as he underwent counselling and CBT.

Lewis passed his A-Levels and secured a place at Durham University reading law. He is now a prominent public speaker, recently completing a TEDx talk on mental health, and a radio presenter and with a passion for fundraising.

Last year Lewis founded The Blurred Line Group, an organisation that provides funding and supporting to local mental health charities and community projects, in response to his personal experiences and what he learnt from the amazing team at CANW.

Lewis’ frank talk about his battle against depression, asking for help and hard work to regain his mental health was truly moving. This young man really connected with our students, and hooked them with his deeply personal tale. His insight into the complex world of mental health is outstanding.

“It was an absolute pleasure to speak at Blackburn Central High School today, as I shared my battle with depression and how Child Action North West supported me! What an amazing school, with both welcoming students and staff! I hope to visit the school again soon.”

Our school choir will be performing in a fundraising concert for CANW. It will take place at King George’s Hall, Blackburn on 12th November 2019. Please consider supporting this much needed cause.

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